Spring is amongst us and I am thoroughly enjoying adding my own touch to all the wedding orders I have. It is such a pleasure knowing that I have had even the smallest amount of input into making a perfect day for many couples out there. I have had the opportunity to design charms with brides, go through their inspirations and colour choices and finally bring their charms to life.

Our main colours of ivory and champagne are very popular but it is nice when I get an email asking to create charms using specific colour schemes…..and it’s even more wonderful when I get feedback on how fabulous my charms looked.

When I started making wedding charms a few years ago there was only an option of around 10 charms that I could make…..bride, groom, mother of the bride, mother of the groom etc etc….today, I can pretty much make a charm for any special person attending a wedding…step mums and dads, aunts, brothers and sisters can all have their own charms. What will I be able to do in another couple of years??