New Baby

Posted by libbyk 15/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

A newborn baby fills your heart with love. If you are anything like me, I cannot watch an episode of 'Call the Midwife' witout shedding a tear and mostly at the sheer joy of a new born baby. It's a feeling I tell my own children (when they are laughing at me) that they may not understand until they have children of their own......however I am not ready (or old enough lol) to become a grandmother just yet!!

This charm is a small keepsake gift to add to a memory box or a charm bracelet to simply celebrate the birth of a child. Every year we update the charm to show the current year and it is always one of our most popular charms. We even have customers asking for previous years such is it's popularity.

It's a lovely feeling knowing my little charm will be looked at for years to come as all these babies grow up.