Introduction - Libby's Market Place

Posted by admin_libbys 15/09/2014 0 Comment(s)

Allow me to introduce myself and my company in my first ever blog!


My name is Libby and I am the very proud owner of Libby’s Market Place. I, alongside my husband started our business in 2011….using only a shoe box as a place to store the equipment I needed to make wine charms! The last 4 years we have gone from the shoe box to offices made (and expanded) to meet the demands of our success. I still smile to myself when I think of how far we have come from that box….which I still have, just to remind me that all our hard work and dedication has been so worthwhile!


Before starting Libby’s Market Place I spent 17 very happy years working as a Senior Store Manager for Topshop Topman…..but the demands of that as well as having a young family became hard to juggle and my dream of being able to be there for my children full time became a reality in 2013 when I was able to leave Topshop and run my own business…..very scary and the hardest thing I have ever done….. but that lead to some of the most amazing days for all of us!!


Every day I learn something new…..making Libby’s Market Place a brand I am soooooo proud of!